Club Constitution


of the

American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers

of the

University of Wisconsin – Madison Student Branch

 1.      Article I – Chapter Name

1.1.   This organization will possess the name American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) University of Wisconsin – Madison Student Branch and will hereafter be referred to as the branch.


2.      Article II – Chapter Objectives

2.1.   The objective of the branch is to promote the Biological Systems Engineering (BSE) profession by directly and indirectly assisting the organized study of research, social, and industry immersed activities for its members.  The branch shall promote membership in the BSE Department by acquainting the student body with the ideas, purposes, and objectives of BSE.


 3.      Article III – Membership

3.1.   Membership shall consist of any student enrolled at the University of Wisconsin Madison in an undergraduate or graduate program with an interest in Biological Systems Engineering.  Membership will not be denied based on major, age, race, religion, sex, disability, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, or veteran status.

3.2.   Student organizations that select their members or officers on the basis of commitment to a set of beliefs (e.g., religious or political beliefs) may limit membership, officer positions, or participation in the organization to students who affirm that they support the organization’s goals and agree with its beliefs, so long as no student is excluded from membership, officer positions, or participation on the basis of his or her race, color, creed other than commitment to the beliefs of the organization, religion, national origin, disability, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, pregnancy, marital status or parental status, or, unless exempt under Title IX, sex.

3.3.   Members of the branch shall be required to pay membership dues in accordance with the bylaws pertaining to the Constitution of the branch.

3.4.   Member rights consist of voting privileges, holding of offices, participating in branch, national, and international events.

3.5.   All decisions pertaining to the organization will be brought to the attention of the student organization and voted on by our active members.  Decisions, not otherwise stated in this document, pass with a majority vote.

3.6.   All members are subject to the terms and conditions of the Constitution and bylaws of the branch.  Any member not abiding by the terms of the Constitution shall be subject to removal by the branch based on a 2/3 majority vote by the membership.


 4.      Article IV – Officers

4.1.   The officers of the branch shall consist of President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, AEM chair, Publicity chair, Polygon Representative, CALS Representative, Webmaster, Engineering EXPO chair, and LMC chair.

4.1.1.  President

– Organize monthly meetings

– Oversee all committees

– Register with the student Organization Office

– Be the branch contact person for the National ASABE, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS), and the College of Engineering.

– Consult with the branch and faculty adviser

– Work closely with Treasurer to complete an annual budget

– Work closely with Vice President to plan the year’s monthly meetings within the first two months of Presidency

4.1.2.   Vice President

– Serves as the branch’s chief officer in the absence of the President.

– Organize monthly meeting speakers at least four months in advance

– Reserve room for monthly meeting

– Work with President to plan the year’s monthly meetings within the first two months of Vice Presidency

– Plan industry tours and trips

4.1.3.  Secretary

– Take minutes at monthly and officer meetings

– Distribute minutes via email

– Record attendance

– Assist AEM chair with AEM report

4.1.4.   Treasurer

– Collect membership dues

– Keep detailed records on account

– Establish name at the branch bank

– File ASM funding in a timely fashion

– The treasurer will work with the President to complete an annual budget in January of each year.

– Maintain list of active paid members

– File polygon funding request in a timely fashion in the spring and fall semesters

4.1.5.   AEM chair

– Responsible of final AEM report

– Take pictures of the branch activities during the year

4.1.7.   CALS Representative

– Attend CALS student council meetings

– Give CALS report at monthly meeting

– Send out CALS minutes to the branch via email

4.1.8.   Webmaster/Publicity Chair

– Create and maintain website that displays all activities held by the branch

– Update website to meet the requirements of the club by asking for suggestions for improvement at each meeting

– Include future events for recruitment purposes

– Send out announcements and reminders via email and posters one week in advance to the monthly meeting.

– Keep ASABE bulletin board up to date

– Write monthly newsletter in a timely fashion

4.1.9. Engineering EXPO chair

– Organize and prepare all materials necessary for the EXPO

– Actively search for funding to support the display

4.1.10. Fundraising Chair

– Plan and organize ASABE fundraiser events

– Actively search for funding to support the fundraisers

4.1.10. Social Chair

– Plan, organize, and maintain social functions

– Discuss budget for all social events with the treasurer

4.1.10. Midwest Regional Rally Chair

– Help plan for when UW-Madison hosts the Midwest Regional Rally in the spring of 2016

– Plan for funding in accordance with the treasurer

– Attend the Midwest Regional Rally in the spring of 2015

4.2.   In addition to the previous officer descriptions, all officers are required to attend officer meetings and other officer related events.

4.3.   All officers must be active University of Wisconsin – Madison students.

4.4.   All officers must be paid members of ASABE.

4.5.   All officers are required to submit and organize binder recordings of the year’s activities supplemented with an electronic copy.

4.6.   Any officer may be removed from membership by a two-thirds vote by the other officers for failing to fulfill the listed duties of the office position that they hold.  Any officer removed may appeal to the general membership.  Said officer shall be considered reinstated with two-thirds approval of the members.

4.7.     Officer Attendance-   All officers are allowed to have two unexcused absences during the term of office.  Excused absences will not be used toward the allotted two unexcused absences.  Excused absences will be approved upon request no later than at the officer meetings by the rest of the officer committee.

4.8.     Office restrictions

4.8.1.      Office positions including President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and LMC will be open to both undergraduate and graduate students.    All other offices, with the exception of webmaster must be filled by an undergraduate.

4.8.2.      The eligibility for the position of President and Vice President requires at least one year club experience and third year university enrollment or equivalent standing.

4.8.3.      A specific office position can only be held for one year over the course of the individual’s membership.

4.8.4.      The position of webmaster is open to both graduate and undergraduate members with the co-chair being filled by an undergraduate.  The co-chair will automatically be placed on the nomination ballet for the following year.

4.8.5.      All positions excluding President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer can be filled by up to two members with the exception of the Engineering EXPO committee which can be filled by one committee chair and two committee co-chairs.


 5.      Article V- Elections

5.1.   Officer nominations will open at the November meeting and close at the December meeting.  Nominations can come from either the individual or another member and must be seconded by the membership as well as an acceptance by the nominee.

5.2.   Election will be held at the December monthly meeting.

5.3.   In the case of a special election in the middle of the term year, the membership will be notified at least one week prior to the election.

5.4.   The term of officer will run from the December monthly meeting to the December  monthly meeting of the following year.

5.5.   The December meeting will be jointly run by the past officers and officers elect.

5.6.   Elections will start with President and move down in the order listed in Article 4.1.

5.7.   A member graduating in the spring will not be eligible to run for an office.           

5.8.   Each nominated member for an office will have up to five minutes to present their qualifications for the position nominated.

5.9.   Discussion for each office will be limited to ten minutes for the membership to discuss the candidates.  The president shall oversee time constraints.

5.10. Voting procedures will be a separate written, secret ballet per office.  A majority vote is required for election.  If a majority is not reached, then the two candidates receiving the most votes will be placed on a second written, secret ballet.  In the event of a tie vote the president shall cast the deciding vote without the announcement of a tie.  In all other voting situations, the president shall not vote.


 6.      Article VI – Meetings

6.1.   The meeting will be called to order by the President or in his/her absence, by the Vice President.  If both officers happen to be absent, the duty will be passed to the Secretary.

6.2.   Monthly meetings will be held on the second Wednesday of every month.  This schedule will hold true except during vacations, finals week, or when so changed by the officers.

6.3.   The meetings shall be run according to Robert’s Rules of Order

6.4.   Attendance will be taken at the start of the business meeting.


 7.      Article VII – Advisor

7.1.   A request for a new faculty advisor will occur every two years at the election meeting.  All election practices will follow the same as those listed in Article V.

7.2.   Advisor attendance requirements follow the same as officer attendance requirements as stated in Article 4.6.

7.3.   The branch advisor will not place a vote in elections but may actively participate in discussions.

7.4.   The branch advisor may be requested to be removed based on same removal policy as the branch officers as stated in Article 4.5.   The removal request will be submitted to the BSE Department chair.

7.5.    A branch advisor may serve no more than two consecutive terms.


 8.      Article VIII – Amending the Constitution

8.1.   Amendments can be proposed and seconded, and the officers must prepare a formal proposal to be voted on at the following general meeting.  There must be at least 51% of student membership in attendance to vote.  The amendment must receive 2/3 vote of the attending members to pass.



1.      Article I – Expenses

1.1.   All expenses are to be laid out in the annual budget.  Any expenses not in the budget need to be approved by a 2/3 vote at the monthly meeting.


2.      Article II – Social Events

2.1.   The branch should plan at least one social event per month in the same months that branch meetings are held.


3.      Article III – Dues

3.1. The branch will collect chapter membership dues no greater than $15.00 per year plus National ASABE dues.  Membership dues will be used to fund branch functions.  Membership apparel can be optionally purchased separately for an additional fee.

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