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University of Wisconsin – Madison Branch Meetings Summary

Summaries are highlights of the meeting

Total Meetings: 7    

Date Business Meeting Summary Special Program/Speaker Summary
September 14th, 2016  Discussed membership dues, discussed member apparel. Welcome back to school meeting, department introduction, professor introductions
October 12th, 2016  Discussed upcoming corn maize social event, asked for members to join the 1/4 Scale Tractor Team.
November 16th, 2016 Discussed how well the LMC went and thanked everyone who helped out. Introduced a new Fountain Wars team has formed and asked for interested members.
December 7th, 2016  Discussed Engineering Expo registration. Introduced the new officer team. Explained the results and profits of our LMC
February 8th, 2017  Discussed upcoming MRR and upcoming February Ice Skating social. Introduced Dr. Reinemann as our new adviser.  Shayne Havlovitz from Seneca Foods talked about what it  is like working in industry and shared his story of becoming a professional after going through UW as a student.
March 8th, 2017 Discussed upcoming ASABE Wisconsin section meeting and the annual ASABE Brewer Game April social.  The owner and a few of his employees from Hydro-Thermal gave an interactive presentation about their company.
April 12th, 2017   Discussed the results of the WI Section Meeting and upcoming Brewer’s game club outing. Also discussed end-of-year ASABE cookout.  Dr. Brian Luck discussed his trip to Europe where he visited a large Agriculture show.



AEM = Association of Equipment Manufactures
ASABE = American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers
BSE = Biological Systems Engineering
CALS = College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
LMC or L.M.C. = Lawn Mower Clinic
MRR = Midwest Regional Rally
UW-Madison = University of Wisconsin-Madison