Meetings Minutes

1. ASABE September Meeting Minutes, 9-14-16

Called to order: 6:11PM

-Approval of Secretary Minutes from May
-Approval of Treasurer’s Report from May

Officer Reports:

  • CALS
  • Quarter-Scale Tractor Team (Badger Pulling), presentation given by Parker
    • Meetings @ 4:45 on Tuesdays & Thursdays @ Ag. Engineering Lab, Room 118
    • Contact Brian Straub for more info or if you have any questions.
    • ASABE UW-Madison Student Facebook Page
    • Like us on Facebook!

Old Business:

  • Brewer Game trip
  • ASABE Internation meeting in New Orleans
    • Recieved 2nd place for AEM report
    • Jenna received 1st in the AGCO national student design competition

New Business:

  • Member dues and apparel
    • $15 for dues, comes with a t-shirt!
  • Midwest Regional Rally
    • Other ASABE members from the Midwest come for tours, social events, and department walkthorughs

Meeting Adjourned: 6:26PM


2. ASABE October Meeting Minutes, 10-12-16

Called to order: 6:22 PM

-Approval of Secretary Minutes from September
-Approval of Treasurer’s Report from September

Officer Reports:
-Quarter-Scale Tractor Team (Badger Pulling) meetings at 6PM on Tuesdays & Thursdays in Ag. Engineering Lab, Room 118. Just show up if interested! Contact Parker for more info or if you have any questions.

Old Business:

  • ASABE Section Meeting
    • Getting $1500 to cover travel expenses
  • Membership dues and apparel
    • Please pay dues
    • Voted on polo’s

New Business:

  • October Social: Corn Maze

Upcoming Events/Dates:

November 16th ASABE November Club Meeting
November 20th Corn Mazie Social

Meeting Adjourned: 6:49PM

3. ASABE November Meeting Minutes, 11-16-16

Called to order: 6:13PM

-Approval of Secretary Minutes from October
-Approval of Treasurer’s Report from October

Officer Reports:
-Quarter-Scale Tractor Team (Badger Pulling) started the design for nationals! Meetings are @ 6PM on Tuesdays & Thursdays @ Ag. Engineering Lab, Room 118. Just show up if interested! Contact Brian Straub for more info or if you have any questions.

Old Business

  • Lawn Mower Clinic went well. Thank you to everyone who helped and to the officers!!!
  • Member dues and apparel
    • $15 comes with a t-shirt
    • See Grace with questions

New Business:

  • Volunteer at Second Harvest – November 30th
  • Friday Nov 18th Industry Tours
    • Johnsonville, Plymouth Foam, Kohler

Upcoming Events/Dates:

November 11th Fountain Wars Meetings 3:30 Rm 212 BSE Building
November 17th BSE Thanksgiving 11:30-1:30
November 18th Industry Tours
November 30th Second Harvest Volunteering
December 7th December Meeting Officer Elections

Meeting Adjourned: 6:28 PM

4. ASABE December Meeting Minutes, 12-07-16

Called to order: 6:02 PM

-Approval of Secretary Minutes from November
-Approval of Treasurer’s Report from November

Officer Reports:

  • ¼ -scale tractor team last meeting for the semester Thursday 12/11

Old Business:

  • Member dues and apparel
  • Shirts are in! Pick up if you haven’t yet
  • November Industry Tours: Johnsonville, Plymouth Foam, Kohler Engines
  • Fountain Wars Start Up: Next meeting 4 pm 118 AG ENGR LAB
  • Enginering Expo registration due Feb 1st

New Business:

  • LMC – $2251 profit. Thanks to all who helped out!
  • Officer Nominations and elections
    • Congrats to the new officers!
      • President: Grace Skarlupka
      • Vice President: Laura Kramer
      • Co-Secretaiesy: Parker Williams and Erin Ochocki
      • Treasurer: Tanner Wears
      • Public Relations: Jordan Nehls
      • AEM Report: Kyle Winkler
      • Fundraising: Jake Wagner, David Pintens
      • Engineering Expo: Jack Jones
      • Social: Greg Fehring
      • CALS/COE: Claudia Lopez

Upcoming Events/Dates:

Meeting Adjourned: 6:19PM


5. ASABE February Meeting Minutes, 2-8-17

Called to order  6:04PM

Speaker was Shayne Havlovitz from Seneca Foods.


  • Approval of Secretary Minutes from December
  • Approval or Treasurer’s Report from December

Officer Reports

  • Dues & T-shirts – $20 for school year, see Tanner for shirts
  • February Social – Saturday, Feb 18th; Ice Skating at Shell, meet at Engineering Hall
  • Brewer Game – Friday, April 21st
  • Engineering Expo – Friday and Saturday, April 7th & 8th, E Hall
  • Join the 1/4 Scale Tractor Team

Old Business:

  • Dr. Bohnhoff is no longer our advisor
  • Industry Tours – Friday, Feb 24th, John Deere and Emmi Roth

New Business:

  • Dr. Reinemann is our new Advisor officially
  • Manvine – Outreach events, 83 2nd graders to help with little projects, next Friday 12:30-2

Upcoming Events/Dates:

February 13th-15th AETC in Louiseville, KY
February 18th Ice Skating Social
February 24th Industry Tours
March 2nd-4th MRR in Ames, Iowa
March 8th ASABE March Meeting

Meeting Adjourned 6:25PM

6. ASABE March Meeting Minutes, 3-8-17

Speakers were representatives from Hydro-Thermal.

Called to order 6:16PM


  • Approval of Secretary Minuets from February
  • Approval of Treasurer’s Reports from February

Officer Reports:

  • Quarter Scale Tractor Report
    • Great opportunity for shop experience
    • Contact Parker for more information
    • Typically meet Tuesdays & Thursdays @ 6pm
  • Like us on Facebook

Old Business:

  • Pick up club polos from Grace if you ordered one.
  • Feb Social – Ice Skating went well

New Business:

  • Brewer Game – Friday, April 21st, leaving 2:30pm from Ag Lab
  • Using Hydroponic Christmas tree for Engineering Expo – April 7th & 8th, E Hall
  • Interested in attending AETC, contact Cyrus

Upcoming Events/Dates:

March 29th WI Sectional Meeting, Oshkosh, WI
April 7th-8th Engineering Expo
April 12th ASABE April Member Meeting
April 14th Industry Tours
April 21st Annual ASABE Brewer Game

Meeting Adjourned 6:37PM


7. ASABE April Meeting Minutes, 4-12-17

Speaker was Dr. Brian Luck who discussed his Ag trip to Europe.

Called to order 6:13PM

– Approval of Secretary Minutes from March meeting
– Approval of Treasurer’s Report

Officer Reports:

  • CALS/CoE Report
    • None
  • 1/4-scale Tractor
    • Meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6-9p at Ag Eng Lab.
  • Fundraising
    • Make LMC bigger

Old Business:

  •  WI Section Meeting Awards
    • Congrats to Grace on winning undergrad of the year
    • Congrats to Joe Sanford for winning grad student of the year

New Business:

  • International Meeting
    • Spokane on July 16th-19th
    • Drive down
    • Presentations/competitions
    • Networking
  • AEM Report
    • Will include activities from this year
    • Need info from tractor team
    • Need info from Treasurer
  • Cookout
    • Replaces normal business meeting
    • Brats, hot dog, chips, etc.
    • Good opportunity to network with faculty
  • Public Relations
    • Introducing #MemberMondays

Upcoming Events/Dates:

April 21th Brewer Game, Milwaukee, WI
April 26th ASABE Club Meeting (Cook out!!)
May 6th Last day of classes
July 16th-July 19th  ASABE International Meeting- Spokane, WA

Meeting Adjourned 6:30PM