Character and Procedure of Meetings

1. Branch Meetings:

The UW-Madison ASABE branch holds monthly meetings in Rm. B25 of the Agricultural Engineering Building on the UW-Madison campus.  The meetings take place on the second Wednesday of each month in the academic school year. The social starts at 5:00pm, during which time attendees enjoy food and beverages provided by the club. At 5:30, a featured guest professional practicing in one of the Biological System Engineering options (Power and Machinery Engineering, Food and Bioprocess Engineering, Natural Resources and Environmental Engineering, or Structural Systems Engineering) presents about their involvement in industry. These speakers are often alumni or individuals who share connections with department faculty.  A business meeting follows the speaker at 6:00pm with discussion of topics chosen by the executive committee at their meeting one week prior.

2. Fall Mixer Meeting:

The first meeting of the academic school year is held in September in conjunction with the BSE Fall Staff-Student Mixer, which is sponsored by the BSE Department. The mixer is held in the Agriculture Engineering Lab Building which is separate from the Agricultural Engineering Building.  A cookout is provided during the “social hour” at 5:00 pm, followed by a welcome message from the department chair, along with introductions by all the students and faculty.  Following the social hour, the ASABE regular meeting is held in Room 118 in the same building.  The meeting is held in the same manner as described above with special emphasis in welcoming new faces and introducing them to ASABE.

3. End of the Year Cookout Meeting:

During the last meeting of the academic year (May), ASABE members meet at the Agricultural Engineering Lab Building for another cookout, and to conduct the last branch meeting of the academic year. Outgoing seniors are also recognized at this event.

4. Special Meetings:

If a special meeting is to be held, the person who calls the meeting is responsible for letting everyone know the time and location as well as whom it concerns.