1.  Membership Requirements

All University of Wisconsin-Madison students are eligible for ASABE membership.  To become a chapter member, the interested individual must speak with an officer of the club and pay dues. Dues may be paid to the treasurer at any regularly scheduled meeting. National ASABE membership requires an application. Applications are available in the Agricultural Engineering Building and on-line at the University of Wisconsin Biological Systems Engineering (BSE) department homepage. The branch will collect chapter membership dues no greater than $15.00 per year plus National ASABE dues, should an individual choose to apply.  Membership dues will be used to fund branch functions.  There is an option to purchase membership apparel separately for an additional fee.

Below is an excerpt on joining and membership from the Constitution and Bylaws, written by a student committee in 2007:

Membership shall consist of any student enrolled at the University of Wisconsin Madison in an undergraduate or graduate program with an interest in Biological Systems Engineering.  Membership will not be denied based on major, age, race, religion, sex, disability, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, or veteran status.

    1. Members of the branch shall be required to pay membership dues in accordance with the Bylaws pertaining to the Constitution of the branch.
    2. Member rights consist of voting privileges, holding of offices, participating in branch, national, and international events.
    3. All members are subject to the terms and conditions of the Constitution and Bylaws of the branch.  Any member not abiding by the terms of the Constitution shall be subject to removal by the branch based on a 2/3-majority vote by the membership.

Reasons to Join:

    1. Meet other students with similar interests or career aspirations. Members receive a chance to network and make life-long friends.
    2. Insight on the engineering profession outside the classroom through tours and speakers.
    3. Gain valuable leadership experience.
    4. Faculty members and section leaders know you by your first name.
    5. Networking through local, regional, national, and even international gatherings of the society.

2.  Branch Member List 2016-2017 Academic Year

Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors+ Graduate Students
Bailey Larson Kyle Winkler Jeremy Cavil Ryan Baumgartner Joshua McAfee
 Trevor Wavrunek Atticus Clark Greg Fehring Manvine Bharj Cyrus Nigon
Erin Daehn Claudia Lopez Luke Bickelhaupt Chase Walters
 Henry Dean Molly Meinecke Megan Dressel
 Sadie Duckert Justin Meinnert Justin Fluegge-Elmer
 Jack Jones Rafe Shohet Will Heider
 Becca Luc Grace Skarlupka Jacob Hrebik
 David Pinterns Anthony Salituro Tyler Lecy
 Nichole Truby Andrew Meng
 Jake Wagner Jordan Nehls
 Tanner Wears Ein Ochocki
 Victoria Shveytser Carli Peters
Emily Schultz
Corinne Waschow
Calvin Winkle
Josiah Zanghi
Claire Rapant
Jason Ha
2 12 8 18 3
Total Membership 43

3.  Member eligibility and National ASABE Membership

At UW-Madison, any student is eligible to become an ASABE branch member, regardless of his or her major. However, for the branch’s records, statistical records are based on the number of students from the Biological Engineering Department (BSE) who join the branch.

Percent of Total Campus Undergraduate Enrollment in BSE (2016-2017):


Percent of Total Campus Enrollment in ASABE Branch (2016-2017): 0.1%
Number of undergraduates enrolled at UW-Madison (2016-2017): 29,536
Total enrollment at the UW-Madison (2016-2017): 43,388