1. Standing Committees

i. Executive Committee

The Executive Committee meets the first Wednesday of every month (seven days ahead of the monthly club business meetings) to oversee actions of the club and determine agendas for the upcoming branch meeting.  It is composed of all the current Student Branch Officers and is overseen by club advisors.

Chair: Grace Skarlupka

Advisor: Dr. Doug Reinemann

Members: Branch Officers

ii. AEM Report Committee

The AEM Report Committee is responsible for assembling and submitting the UW – Madison Student Branch’s AEM report for the National Trophies Competition.  The AEM report is used to chronicle the progress our ASABE club.  The AEM Report Committee is chaired by the elected AEM chair and other officers, and overseen by a club advisor.

Chair: Kyle Winkler

Advisor:   Dr. Doug Reinemann

iii. L.M.C. Committee

The Lawn Mower Clinic (LMC) is the annual fundraising activity for the UW – Madison student branch.  Last year the LMC took place Nov. 6th– 8th, 2015 in the Agricultural Engineering Lab. Proceeds from the fundraiser are used to cover the operational costs of the group, to fund trips and tours, and to sponsor individuals attending ASABE international, national, and statewide functions.

Chairs: Jake Wagner, David Pintens

Advisors: Dr. Kevin Shinners, Dr. Dave Bohnhoff, Dr. Richard Straub, Dr. Rebecca Larson, Dr. Brian Luck

iv. ASABE ¼ Scale Tractor Team Committee

The ASABE ¼ Scale Tractor Team meets on Thursday nights to construct the tractor. The team leader runs the meetings and manages the process of building the tractor, while the Design Co-Chairs are responsible for design work. Each year there is an A-team, which builds a new tractor from the ground up. In addition, an X-team modifies the previous year’s tractor to pull again at the national competition in June. All ASABE members are invited to attend the weekly meetings and help construct the tractor.


Dr. Brian Luck

2016 Members:

Captain: Parker Williams

Reid Christ Mitchell Larson Brian Straub
James Costello-Mikecz Tom Larson Chase Walters
Caitlin Evers Josh Mcafee Tanner Wears
Josh Harmon Trevor Meyer Parker Williams
Drew Heidenreich Kyle Phelps Cullen Winebar
Adam Krumberger Ryan Seffinga Lo Yang

2. Special Committees

i. Engineering Expo Committee

Engineering Expo is a two-day event held every two years at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s College of Engineering.  Expo is run entirely by students and brings over 10,000 visitors to campus biennially.  Participants at Expo include Fortune 500 industry leaders, engineering student organizations on campus (including ASABE), individuals displaying their engineering projects and ideas, and thousands of students and members of the community.  During the first day of Expo, elementary schools and middle schools are invited to explore what engineering involves.  Each day the event is open to the public.  ASABE participates every time this event is held biennially and either does this or CALS day for kids. Our committee is responsible for designing and setting up our chapter’s ASABE exhibit as well as scheduling members to display the exhibit.

Chair: Jack Jones