Branch Officers

Student Branch Officers are elected in the November ASABE branch meeting. The late fall election was chosen to allow for a transition period between incoming and outgoing officers. The officers elected in November start their duties for the December meeting and continue through the spring. During the summer term the officers are generally less active, but begin their duties again in September, coinciding with the start of the academic year at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Upon the completion of their terms all officers are responsible for submitting an organized binder recording all of their year’s activities.  The binder should include hard copies of all reports and soft copies of all files to assist the new officers with fluidity.

ASABE Branch Officers. First row (L-R): Jordan Nehls, David Pintens, Laura Kramer, Claudia Lopez, Tanner Wears. Second Row (L-R): Jake Wagner, Parker Williams, Jack Jones, Kyle Winkler, Greg Fehring, Grace Skarlupka. Not pictured: Erin Ochocki.

All Branch Officers serve from the 2016 Spring semester to the 2017 Fall semester


Grace Skarlupka


  • Organize monthly meetings
  • Oversee all committees
  • Register with the student Organization Office
  • Be the branch contact person for the National ASABE, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS), and the College of Engineering.
  • Consult with the branch and faculty advisor.
  • Work closely with Treasurer to complete an annual budget
  • Work closely with Vice President to plan the year’s monthly meetings within the first two months of Presidency


Laura Kramer


  • Serves as the branch’s chief officer in the absence of the President.
  • Organize monthly meeting speakers at least four months in advance
  • Reserve room for monthly meeting
  • Work with President to plan the year’s monthly meetings within the first two months of Vice Presidency
  • Plan industry tours and trips


Erin Ochocki and Parker Williams


  • Take minutes at monthly officer meetings
  • Take minutes at monthly branch business meetings
  • Distribute minutes via email
  • Record attendance
  • Assist AEM chair in preparing the AEM report


Tanner Wears


  • Collect membership dues
  • Keep detailed records on account
  • Establish name at the branch bank
  • File ASM funding in a timely fashion
  • Work with the President to complete an annual budget in January of each year
  • Maintain list of active, paid members

Public Relations

Jordan Nehls


  • Send branch meeting announcements via email
  • Keep ASABE bulletin board up-to-date
  • Coordinate social events
  • Write monthly newsletter in a timely fashion
  • Create and maintain website that displays all activities held by the branch
  • Update the website to meet the requirements of the club by asking for suggestions for improvement at each meeting
  • Include future events for recruitment purposes

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Student Council and College of Engineering Polygon Student Council Representative

Claudia Lopez


  • Attend CALS Student Council meetings
  • Give the CALS Report at monthly meetings
  • Send out CALS minutes to the branch via e-mail
  • Attend Polygon Student Council meetings
  • Give Polygon Report at monthly meetings
  • Send out Polygon minutes to the branch via e-mail
  • File Polygon funding request in a timely fashion in the Spring and Fall semesters

Social Chair

Greg Fehring


  • Responsible for thinking of, planning, and executing social events

Fundraising Co-Chairs

David Pintens and Jake Wagner


  • Plan and promote fundraising events to benefit ASABE
  • Plan ASABE booth and demo
  • Organize volunteers

Engineering Expo Chair

Jack Jones


  • Represent ASABE at College of Engineering’s annual Engineering Expo outreach day
  • Plan ASABE booth and demo
  • Organize volunteers

AEM Chair

Kyle Winkler


  • Responsible for preparing the final AEM report
  • Take pictures of branch activities during the year