Chapter Goals

  1. Goals for Academic Year 2016-2017
    1. Increased membership to include more students in the BSE department.
    2. Increased participation at the Sectional ASABE meetings and events. (WI Sectional meeting, MRR, etc.)
    3. Increased meeting publicity and awareness of professional speakers.
    4. Increased exposure on campus.
  2. Goal Progress Made
    1. Spoke in front of engineering classes, worked with professors to increase awareness, held underclassmen specific events to increase one-on-one exposure with officer team.
    2. Heavily advertised events to ensure participation, had past attendees talk.  Hosted MRR and thus increased participation.
    3. Continued to post meeting flyers in common areas, had meeting announcements on display T.V. in building entrance.
    4. Continually participate in undergraduate events, Student org fairs, work directly with both College of Agriculture and College of Engineering to ensure group is recognized by both colleges and students.